DragonPOS Recommended Hardware and Specs

Below is a list of DragonPOS's recommended hardware, here you can find a selection of receipt & tag printers, bar code scanners, cash drawers and credit card readers that work with DragonPOS.

Computers, Laptops and Tablets

DragonPOS is designed to run in the browser. This means it runs on most computers, laptops and tablets. DragonPOS also works with or without touch screens.

We do have some recommendations to ensure you get the most out of DragonPOS.

Operating System

Windows Operating System
Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10


Google Chrome
Microsoft Edge

Receipt Printing

Star TSP100 USB
Star TSP143 USB
Epson, Most Models (80mm, Auto Cut Preferred)

For more information on how to install these devices for a Windows computer, click here.

Other receipt printers will most probably work, if you already own a receipt printer we highly recommend to give it a try before purchasing another. DragonPOS does not support receipt paper smaller than 80mm (72mm settings).

Tag Printers

Star TSP700II USB (Best Pick)
Star FVP10 USB
Star TSP650 USB
Star TUP500 USB
Star TUP900 USB
Star HSP7000 USB
Star SP700 USB
Star SP500 USB
Star SAC10 USB

Barcode Scanners

A barcode scanner is a good addition to DragonPOS, but is not required. If you do elect to purchase a bar code scanner, any Windows supported USB model will work.

Cash Drawers

DragonPOS supports cash drawers with USB interfaces, in some cases a USB adapter or interface may work with other cash drawers.

Magnetic Credit Card Readers

If you are accepting credit cards through DragonPOS, any Windows supported USB magnetic credit card reader will work. This is highly recommended as payments processed through DragonPOS will reflect on customers' accounts for accurate order flow and reporting.
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