A history of helping companies
and people grow.

Based in New York, one of the toughest and most expensive retail working environments, we pioneered the idea of CRM software in the cloud for our own dry cleaning and laundry centers. We felt from the onset that our industry can, and should, be better and in the early years were quickly sought out by other companies to help streamline and grow their business, creating a whole new economy. One by one we helped them eliminate outdated email forms and connected customers through their PCs, tablets and Smartphones directly to the point of sale. We then organized routing, billing and marketing, giving retailers the power to service more customers in more locations, using the infrastructure already in place and with equipment they already own.

After years of building 'one-off' solutions, and with the explosion of customer convenience such as UBER and Amazon, we decided to take our software to the next level and offer it to any garment care provider looking not only to maintain, but to grow their business at an affordable price. As a retailer ourselves, we understand cost concerns, so we built DragonPOS with three great choices depending on your needs.
We also know technology can be daunting, so we made every aspect of DragonPOS easy to use from the moment you launch.

Together, we're on a path to success.

Now anyone can be a Customer Trailblazer who transforms their company, and grows their business, using our easy-to-use, yet powerful, technologies and tools.

Your employees will love DragonPOS, and if you're an owner/operator, you'll especially love the fact we've done it all for you, freeing up valuable time. We're obsessed with our customers' success and take pride in their achievements.
Today we're helping companies grow like never before and look forward to helping you too.
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