Customer Scheduling & Routing

DragonPOS smartphone &
online booking tool works with your website to capture new customers, build your route
& keep them coming back.

Using your existing website, connect to
more customers with pickup and delivery
to grow like never before
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Turn your website into a powerhouse

In less than 3 minutes our 'Route Builder' subscription along with your existing website can connect you with more customers on any device. In today's marketplace nothing is more important than customer convenience. Expanding & streamlining your services are critical in creating a successful pick-up and delivery service for your retail location and most of all it's simple and secure for your customers to use.
From sign-up to final delivery, DragonPOS will have you servicing more customers in more areas then you ever thought possible.

DragonPOS makes connecting to customers and operating a route as simple as can be

Route Builder will automatically take new and existing customer scheduling requests and organize them into defined days and time frames that you control. Customers are automatically arranged for the quickest possible driving routes freeing up your time to run your business.

Our booking tool works
with your existing website
to connect to your
customers on any device

Customer tools

DragonPOS smartphone & online booking tool directly integrates with our point of sale, providing your customers with real time scheduling, order information, payments, communication and marketing. Offer your customers service and convenience on a level never before experienced.

Smartphone friendly

All your customer pages are smartphone friendly and look beautiful on any device. Your customers can access all functions, from sign up to payments and everything in-between, clearly and easily.

Schedule on demand

Offer your customers the ability to request pickups when they need you, with the click of a button. Their request will automatically be scheduled and managed by the DragonPOS manifest and routing system.

Recurring scheduling

Having a robust sign up page, combined with reminders, encrypted payment methods and full account access, makes it easy and encouraging for customers to select recurring schedules, which in turn equals recurring revenue.

View payments

DragonPOS will capture and encrypt customers payment methods, allowing you to drop off orders quickly. Customers can easily see payments and the order where it was applied, reducing or eliminating your accounts receivables.

View orders

With no paper receipts to slow you down, service single and multiple bag pickups with ease. Customers will automatically receive an item log in notification with detailed order information for their records.

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