DragonPOS - Sell Vertical.

Manage and maintain sales teams
and properties to grow your business

Tap into high volume accounts.

Sales teams

Easily hire and maintain sales agents to help build your business. DragonPOS tracks performance, customer use and commissions.

Property owners and management

Approaching multi-sized properties isn't as easy as it sounds when it comes to dry cleaning and laundry service. With DragonPOS and our Sell Vertical module, we can help you attract and maintain all types of properties from apartments, gated communities, schools, medical and professional plazas, military, and more. With a branded website, scheduled routes, available lockers options combined with full accounting, reports and commission management, DragonPOS can help you tap into these lucrative accounts.

Sell Vertical
benefit to properties

  • Zero cost
  • Convenient amenity for attracting new residents, tenants and workers
  • Pickup & Delivery to one central location
  • Service both concierge and non concierge buildings
  • Available drop-n-clean lockers
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