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With DragonPOS eCommerce and ‘connect socially’ active links, we increased our exposure and raised our revenue. Our customers easily found us, and linked to our customized website for online sign up, and full account access through the DragonPOS system.
- Marco & Aaron

Reach the masses with today's hottest social networks.

Increase your online and retail traffic

With DragonPOS connect socially module, active links from your website to your social media accounts will help reach and drive more customers to you both online and to your shop. And because DragonPOS can provide you with an interactive and responsive website where customers can sign up for your services, you'll have a clear voice in today's social market place to connect and grow your business.

Establish trust

With a DragonPOS web and mobile friendly site together with connect socially, you can establish trust by controlling and advancing the message that you'd like your clients and potential customers to receive. Providing a consistent, accessible, trustworthy message about your brand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, can help establish trust in the short term and long term.
Your potential customers may visit your website or social media profiles several times before they're ready to choose your brand and make the transaction for your services. DragonPOS connect socially module helps your target audience put trust in you by letting them know exactly who you are and what your company stands for.

Facebook, Instagram & Twitter are just some of the social media networks I rely on to choose what service providers I use. If a retailer is lacking this critical information, I feel that they are not in touch, and missing an important aspect of today's society.
- Henry

DragonPOS make it easy to incorporate social media for my store. Customers love it, and allows me to easily keep them informed on sales and specials.
- Jeffrey

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