DragonPOS - netdrive.

Reach more customers with a network
of drivers to expand your service area.

As a college student working set hours are incredibly difficult. Being a part time driver for my local shop using DragonPOS netdrive has allowed me the opportunity to work flexible hours, service my friends, and earn extra money.
- Sam

Help people help you make money.

Better than on demand

DragonPOS netdrive allows you to maintain a fleet of drivers bringing your business. Through netdrive, you can assign your company drivers specific customers, as well as utilize independent operators working full or part time, that can bring you customers that they know and develop for example; friends, co-workers, relatives and neighbors . Your DragonPOS routing system will email your drivers optimized routes for pickup and delivery, plus track sales & commissions. You take care of the cleaning and everyone gets paid!

Everyone knows someone

There's lots of people with time on their hands looking to make extra money, netdrive is a great add on to your company to tap into customers and accounts you may have been unable to reach or simply don't have time to. DragonPOS netdrive helps build your business with virtually no increase in expense or overhead.

netdrive is easy for you
and easy for your drivers

  • Easy to manage
  • Assign drivers to specific customers
  • Real time optimize routes
  • Tip reporting
  • Commission tracking

Using DragonPOS ‘netdrive’ we've created a network of independent drivers servicing our neighborhood. They bring us and manage customers they know, while we do the cleaning and return the orders. These are customers we would have missed, and happy to share in the profit with our drivers.
- Mara & Jamie

With our local dry cleaner using DragonPOS and ‘netdrive’, I used my community connections to establish a large customer base. With optimized and routed manifests, netdrive organizes my customers by day and time making it easy to service my clients.
- Talia

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