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Offer more services.

Expand your tailoring shop to offer dry cleaning, laundry service, even shoe and leather care. DragonPOS is user friendly and combines all our features into one easy to use system. Service walk-ins faster than ever, offer discounts and coupons, process payments, and create loyalty that will keep your customers coming back and spending money.

Go mobile.

Service more people than you ever thought possible with DragonPOS routing managing your customers. Recurring and on-demand requests are automatically organized and optimized for the quickest possible service. With uploadable smartphone manifests, customer notifications and seamless payments, you'll experience more pickups to all types of customers - single and multi-bag, in less time.

Open a shop to the world.

With DragonPOS eCommerce and mobile platform easily connect with new customers throughout your area for increased revenue. DragonPOS integrates directly in real time with your customers on any device and smartphone for new sign ups, scheduling, orders, payments and routing. Our mobile friendly, responsive web designs will have you selling online in no time. Simply pick from one of our customizable designs and you're ready to go.

How DragonPOS can transform
your tailoring shop.

Retail is demanding. DragonPOS makes it easy to mange, grow and stay ahead of your competition.
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Easy to set up.

DragonPOS is easy to set up and a pleasure to use. DragonPOS works with any windows based computer, probably something you already own. And with no license fees you can have as many workstations as you want keeping expenses down and making it simple to work from the cloud.

Supercharge your sales & customers
with great DragonPOS add-ons

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drop-n-clean lockers.

DragonPOS drop-n-clean lockers are a great way to reach high traffic customer access points for all your services. Open up your business to condominiums, apartments buildings, medical plazas, professional offices, schools, military facilities and more. DragonPOS will automatically connect your customers drop-offs with the DragonPOS system for routing, manifests, payments and receipts. Reach more people in less time providing a great service to your customers and a much needed and convenient amenity to any property.

Sell Vertical.

Approaching multi-sized properties isn't as easy as it sounds when it comes to dry cleaning and laundry service. With DragonPOS and our Sell Vertical module, you can attract and maintain all types of properties. With a branded website, scheduled routes, available lockers options combined with full accounting, reports and commission management, DragonPOS can help you tap into these lucrative accounts.

Connect Socially.

With DragonPOS connect socially module, active links from your website to your social media accounts will help reach and drive more customers to you both online and to your shop. And because DragonPOS can provide you with an interactive and responsive website where customers can sign up for your services, you'll have a clear voice in today's social market place to connect and grow your business.

Being a tailor, I didn't think I needed a POS until I lost track of my orders and even worse - my payments. Since DragonPOS is low cost, cloud based, and worked on a computer I already owned, the choice was simple. Now my customer alterations are organized and ready as promised, plus taking and applying payments is simple and easy. With my extra time and DragonPOS, I now offer dry cleaning, and my sales have gone up 30%!
- Massimo

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