SELF SERVICE LAUNDROMAT - Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year. We offer 62 pound and 55 pound machines as well as all the other smaller sizes based on your needs. Please ask our attendants (during attendant hours) which machines are best for your needs. They are the experts. We have a 24 hour Soap Center with Tide, Gain, OxiClean, Bounce, Clorox, Downy and All Free & Clear detergent. Liquid products and larger sizes are available for sale during attendant hours.

As of October 13th, 2020, we are installing all brand new double stacked dryers. They will dry your clothes faster, saving you time and money. The dryers change the direction of the rotation during the drying cycle so your clothes dry faster and do not get all bunched up.

10 BRAND NEW MACHINES INSTALLED IN NOVEMBER 2018 - ALL of our washers/extractors use a Loyalty Card System so you do not have to deal with quarters. Just get a Loyalty card, add money to it with cash, your debit or credit card and use it in all the washers/extractors. Dryers will still require quarters for now.

WASH & FOLD SERVICE - Available during attendant hours. You drop off and pick up your laundry the same day or next day (depending on time of drop off). Our EXPERT staff washes, dries and folds your clothes. ALL FOR $1.00 per pound. You haven't seen clothes folded like this unless you watch the Big Bang Theory and Sheldon Cooper as he folds laundry!! Bring your own hangers if you prefer and we will use them to hang what you request. Pressing service is available for a nominal charge. Special detergents and other products are available for a nominal cost. Bring your own products and we will use them too! We also wash, dry and fold blankets, quilts, comforters, duvets, mattress pads, bedskirts, and pillows. Prices vary for these items based on type and size. They are not done by the pound.

PICK UP & DELIVERY SERVICE - The HOT NEW SERVICE in the laundry industry!!! We pick up and delivery your laundry the next day (no Sunday pickups or deliveries) at your HOME or OFFICE. The new owners, Jim and Shari Feehan utilized a pick up and delivery service prior to purchasing Garwood Laundromat in August, 2018. The service they used changed their lives!!! No more weekends full of doing laundry. This service is AMAZING for customers who are very busy with work or family obligations, weekend sporting events and commitments. Since Shari has been as Licensed Clinical Social Worker for 25 years, it became apparent to Shari that this service is a NECESSITY for those customers who cannot or should not be carrying laundry baskets around or going up/down stairs to do laundry. Also, during inclement weather, it is a great alternative to Wash & Fold laundry service. Priced at $1.50 a pound and like Wash & Fold, bedding is priced per item based on size and type, not pounds.

AMENITIES - Renovations are still in progress as of November, 2018. Garwood Laundromat offers free coffee, tea and hot chocolate with fresh milk, half & half, honey, lemon, sugar and non-sugar products at NO COST to our customers. We have vending machines for drinks and other snacks.

WI-FI is free. Television is on and just ask for you favorite channel (within acceptable public viewing). Radio is available too. Bathroom on site and it is being renovated shortly. Garwood Laundromat has recently been painted, spruced up outside, and has a new computer system to handle our Wash & Fold and Pick Up & Delivery customers orders, as well as to allow us to offer specials and discounts via email or text messages to all customers, including self service.

All extractors/washers are fitted with a card system. The machines will still take quarters but you can get a Loyalty Card for a nominal fee and then load it with money from your cash, debit card or credit card. Garwood Laundromat will also offer incentives through the Loyalty Card system.