Shari and Jim Feehan took over the Garwood Laundromat in August of 2018. They are thrilled to be able to provide great customer service and exceptional laundry services to the local community. Shari and Jim Feehan used a pick up and delivery laundry service before they invested in Garwood Laundromat. They found their pick up and delivery service to be live changing. No more spending hours and hours doing laundry a load at a time or a few loads at a time in an apartment complex. No more machines that are out of order or already being used. No more checking the dryers multiple times to see when the clothes are dry.

Shari and Jim have worked with the public in many capacities over the last 25 years. Shari is in the laundromat most days for a number of hours per day. Both Shari and Jim make the pick ups and deliveries.

They have already spruced up Garwood Laundromat. It has been professionally painted. Two brand new 24,000 BTU air conditioners have been installed - Shari cannot stand to be to hot!. Ten new extractors/washers are being installed in November, 2018. Card system and loyalty cards will be available on all extractors/washers. A new floor is coming and bathroom is being renovated shortly.

Shari's goal is for Garwood Laundromat to be as "spa like" as possible considering it is a laundromat. Relaxing, tranquil, appealing to the senses.